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Andre Oboler, Facebook, Holocaust Denial, and Anti-Semitism 2.0, JCPA

In May 2009, Facebook went into damage control in response to the media interest in Holocaust-denial groups it hosted. This occurred six months after Facebook was notified that such groups not only breached its Terms of Service but were illegal … Continue reading

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Andre Oboler, Google Earth: A New Platform for Anti-Israel Propaganda and Replacement Geography, Jerusalem Issue Briefs

Virtual Israel, as represented by Google Earth, is littered with orange dots, many of which claim to represent “Palestinian localities evacuated and destroyed after the 1948 Arab-Israeli war.” Thus, Israel is depicted as a state born out of colonial conquest … Continue reading

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Knowledge & Truth in Web 2.0: Virtual reality by consensus, Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs

This talk was delivered as part of the Post-Holocaust & Antisemitism Seminar series at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs. The talk examined: Knowledge on the web Democratization in Web 2.0 Personal Identity (a special case) Antisemitism and racism Social … Continue reading

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Andre Oboler, Online Antisemitism 2.0. “Social Antisemitism on the Social Web”, JCPA Post-Holocaust and Antisemitism Series

Around 2004, changes in technology created Web 2.0.[1] As technology adapted, so did online antisemitism. With the new “social web” came a new “social antisemitism.” This Antisemitism 2.0 is the use of online social networking and content collaboration to share … Continue reading

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