Effective Online Engagement (Workshop), ROI Summit

ROI is a global community of young Jewish innovators that was created by Lynn Schusterman in the summer of 2006 as a partnership between the Center for Leadership Initiatives and Taglit-Birthright Israel.

I was privileged to be recommended as a participant by Gil Troy and accepted by ROI. In addition to participating in the conference and meeting amazing Jewish innovators from around the world, I was also selected to present a workshop.

My workshop on “Effective Online Engagement” ran as part of the skills sessions was popular amongst the participants. We looked at tools, methods and approaches to online engagement.

I shared a quote from Rob Stuart, Co-Founder and President of  the E-Volve Foundation. Stuart said, “The future of civic engagement belongs to communities and organizations that can most effectively align online and offline strategies and activities, and that harness the passion of individual activists.” For the Jewish community ROI is one the greatest gatherings of these activists.

Skills covered in the workshop included:

  • Effective use of Websites and Web 2.0
  • Search optimization
  • Community building
  • Application selection & multi-site approaches
  • Integrated strategic thinking

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