Kfir Damari and Andre Oboler, The return of SIMBAR: Cyber-terrorism methodology, beSIRT, 2006

This article is co-written by Kfir Damari and Andre Oboler.It details the methodology and tools used by the Team Evil hackers who attacked pro-Israel websites in 2006.

Kfir wrote an early analysis of a defacement against a web server, during the Team Evil attack spree against pro-Israeli servers in the cyber terrorism aftermath of Israeli operations in the Gaza strip.

Andre Oboler, administrator of “Zionism On The Web” and a PhD Candidate in the Computing at Lancaster University, UK, requested Kfir’s assistance with an ongoing attack by Team Evil. The results of this joint effort at tracking an analyzing the hackers activities created this case study.

Scope and purpose of this document
This text will compare latest defacement incidents with the incident we responded to in July, and will describe Team Evil’s Hacking methodology. This analysis aims to provide with an insight to the modus operandi of youth Cyber terrorism groups.

The information presented in this text was gathered from various sources, and
particularly log analysis.

As a secondary goal, in this text we will also demonstrate how such incidents can
be investigated and we will provide with educational comments on how the data
analyzed can be approached.

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