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  • The 11th International Seminar on Antisemitism

    In October, with the support of an ROI “Go Speak” micro-grant, I travelled from Melbourne, Australia to Warsaw, Poland, to present at the 11th International Seminar on Antisemitism. The seminar series has been run every second year for over two decades now. This year the seminar was a partnership between Tel Aviv University’s Kantor Center and the […]

  • SBS News announces Dr Oboler’s report & discusses internet trolling

    SBS News announced Dr Andre Oboler’s report into Aboriginal Memes and interviewed Dr Oboler on the phenomenon of ‘trolling’ and ‘griefing’. ‘Trolling laws’ inadequate, lawyer says By SBS News Australia needs to have a ‘very important review of the laws’ when dealing with issues of trolling and cyber bullying, a lawyer has told SBS’s Insight. Lawyer […]

  • Aboriginal Memes

    Aboriginal Memes

    Blow is a press release from the Online Hate Prevention Institute and a link to the report Dr Oboler wrote on Aboriginal Memes and Online Hate. The report fully documents the Aboriginal Memes incident, listing each new page that was created. It also discusses the role MemeGenerator played in the spread of this hate. A […]

  • Dr Oboler interviews on SBS World News Australia on Online Hate

    An interview with the Online Hate Prevention Institute’s CEO,  Dr Andre Oboler, has featured on the SBS TV News accross Australia, as well as in an online articles on the SBS website. Dr Oboler’s comments appear in the News bulletin of Friday 17 August. The story focuses on the Aboriginal Memes incident on Facebook. Racism laws […]