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  • Facebook’s blind spot to Antisemitism

    Facebook’s refusal to recognize Holocaust denial as hate speech, and ban it from the social media platform, is today well known. I have monitored this and other manifestations of antisemitism on social media platforms since first exposing the problem of “Antisemitism 2.0” five years ago. Last week, however, I released a major new reportrevealing additional blind […]

  • Oboler on We Act Radio (USA)

    On Saturday, March 23, 2013, Dr Oboler appeared on “Take Action News with David Shuster” on We Act Radio. The show discussed Dr Oboler’s new report into antisemitism on Facebook and the dis-empowerment of people when their reports to Facebook are wrongly rejected because Facebook has trouble recognizing certain types of antisemitism. The show can be heard here.

  • Recognizing Hate Speech: Antisemitism on Facebook

    My report for the Online Hate Prevention Institute into antisemitism on Facebook was released to coincide with the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination on March 21st 2013. The report tracks the response to a number of antisemitic items on Facebook. Some of the items were included in a previous report in 2012 into Aboriginal Memes […]

  • The 11th International Seminar on Antisemitism

    In October, with the support of an ROI “Go Speak” micro-grant, I travelled from Melbourne, Australia to Warsaw, Poland, to present at the 11th International Seminar on Antisemitism. The seminar series has been run every second year for over two decades now. This year the seminar was a partnership between Tel Aviv University’s Kantor Center and the […]

  • Dr Oboler on Radio Poland

    Dr Oboler was interviewed by Radio Poland’s foreign language service while at the Israeli Ambassador to Poland’s residence as a part of a reception for the 11th International Antisemitism Conference. English extract: In Warsaw on Monday an international academic conference opened entitled “Exploring the limits of tolerance. – Jewish communities and other minorities facing anti-Semitism and […]

  • Sweden questions its Jewish problem on twitter

    Originally published as: Andre Oboler, Sweden questions its Jewish problem on twitter, Jerusalem Post Blogs, June 13 2012 As a country, Sweden has a rather unusual social media policy. The country has a twitter account, and each week it gives control of the account to a different citizen. The@Sweden project has been running for seven month and on […]

  • Virtual hate poses ‘real world’ threat

    Originally published as: Andre Oboler, ‘Virtual hate poses “real world” threat’, The Australian Jewish News, 10 February 2012, page 3 The “Djokovic Scandal” over a sweaty shirt shows both the best and the worst of social media. The Facebook page “Yael Vi vat Rothschild- GIVE BACK the Shirt to Mellisa COOK” was a valiant effort at grassroots […]

  • Facebook’s Race and Online Hate

    Published as: Andre Oboler, Facebook’s Race and Online Hate, Jerusalem Post, 17 August 2011 It’s been over three years since the issue of Holocaust denial on Facebook was first raised. The truly amazing thing is that after countless protests, petitions, letters and meetings with experts, Facebook continues to refuse to recognise Holocaust denial as a […]

  • A legal model for government intervention to combat online hate

    Published as: Andre Oboler, A legal model for government intervention to combat online hate, Internet Law Bulletin 14(2), May 2011 Racial hate propaganda is unlawful in Australia, and this extends to non-private online communications. This may create liabilities for technology companies. International discussions have highlighted the need for both national and international engagement on the […]

  • Limmued Oz 2010

    I presented three sessions for Limmud Oz in 2010. The sessions were: Responding to Antisemitism and Holocaust denial online, An in depth look at online hate, and Getting your message across online. The session on messaging took place in a computer lab and included both a presentation and hands on experience with various online tools. […]