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  • The BDS Cookbook

    The BDS Cookbook provides resources and plans of action to students wanting to combat the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement. The site is a collaboration by a group of academics and students concerned about the misrepresentations made by the BDS movement. The technical work behind the site was provided by myself and my team at […]

  • The Jewish Week looks at the Gaza Flotilla’s online battle on Twitter with comments from Dr Oboler

    Sharon Udasin, The Gaza Flotilla Battle – On Twitter , The Jewish Week, June 2nd 2010 Shaping public opinion on the Gaza blockade, 140 characters at a time. Just moments after the Israeli navy boarded the Turkish Mavi Marmara ship in the Mediterranean en route to Gaza, an explosive battle of another kind was playing […]

  • Framing Wikipedia, Universitatea Politehnica Bucharest

    This was a technical talk to engineering and computer science university students at the Universitatea Politehnica of Bucharest in Romania. The talk was organised by the Romanian branch of the IEEE Computer Society and was delivered to a packed lecture room. The talk covered: Wikipedia: Theory of collaborative knowledge Difficulties with the model, Media Framing […]

  • The IHH Flotilla

    I coordinated the Community Internet Engagement Project as we created the Flotilla Facts website at talkgaza.com. Flotilla Facts is a one-stop resource about the IHH Gaza Freedom Flotilla and its attempt to breach the Israeli naval blockade. The site provided background information and breaking news as the crisis unfolded on the high seas and in […]

  • The DurbanReview.org Project, Kehilat Nitzan

    This was a mini-presentation on the DurbanReview.org project as part of a larger talk presented to Kehilat Nitzan. The talk discussed the content, audience, and impact of the Durban Review site as well as the concept in the context of online public diplomacy.

  • Andre Oboler named as one of Israel’s best ‘cyber warriors’ in the Jewish Chronicle

    Lucy Tobin, Israel’s cyber warriors, The Jewish Chronicle, Feb 12, 2009 When Joel Leyden speaks about Israel, 89,000 people listen. His name may not be familiar, but if you have ever used Google to look up anything on the Middle East, then you have probably had your search results influenced by him. And if you […]

  • Online engagement: The DurbanReview.Org project, AUJS

    This presentation to the basic training conference of the Australian Union of Jewish Students, recruited student volunteers to help with a new public diplomacy project in anticipation of the UN Durban II Conference.

  • The Tachlis: Online Community Engagement Strategies, Executive briefing NSW JBD

    This was a confidential executive briefing for the NSW Jewish Board of Deputies. It outlines work being done in the online space across the Jewish world, a summary of the impact my own work had achieved, and a discussion of future global and Australian threats. The discussion following the presentation examined ways the Board could […]

  • Andre Oboler, The rise and fall of a Facebook hate group, First Monday 13(11 )

    One Facebook group has repeatedly caught the media’s attention. The group was called ‘”Israel” is not a country! … Delist it from Facebook as a country!”‘ Despite the opinions of experts who highlighted the racist nature of the group, Facebook refused to take action. After unsuccessfully lobbying Facebook for intervention, an organization known as the […]

  • Andre Oboler interviewed on the ZOA Middle East report on WNWR – New World Radio, Philadelphia

    In this radio interview, WNWR’s ZOA Philly Middle East Report interviews Dr Andre Oboler and the JIDF’s David Appletree on Google Earth, Facebook and YouTube. Broadcast on WNWR, July 9th 2008