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  • The social media is the message

    When it comes to Facebook and Twitter few people know just how powerful these forums can be in influencing opinions and affecting change as Dr Andre Oboler, CEO of the Online Hate Prevention Institute. Here the social-media strategist and online public diplomacy expert shares his thoughts on the current and future shape of the technological world. What was […]

  • Facebook will kill democracy

    Proposed changes to Facebook’s terms of service, which are open for comment until 9 AM PST on November 28, 2012, will remove the only democratic safeguard in Facebook’s governance system. The rule being removed can itself be used to stop the change, but voter apathy makes that very unlikely. As things currently stand, Facebook’s terms of […]

  • Dr Oboler on Medium Rare, Channel 31

    Dr Andre Oboler appeared in the Medium Rare show on Channel 31 on August 12, 2012 at 9pm. The show focused on internet activism and the Kony movement no-show.

  • The online campaign to recognise Palestine

    Source: Andre Oboler, The online campaign to recognise Palestine, Jerusalem Post, September 02, 2011 Pirkei Avot records Ben Zoma’s advice that a wise person is one who learns from all others. Online advocacy is a rapidly evolving field and one in which Israel advocates are regularly out maneuvered. We must learn not only from actions […]

  • Andre Oboler’s article “Government a welcome presence in cyber regulation” in the Australian Jewish News

    Andre Oboler, Government a welcome presence in cyber regulation, Australian Jewish News, 27 May 2010. Merely allowing debate on the internet is not enough to prevent cyber-racism. Governments need to step in to regulate the proliferation of hateful messages on social media sites. The US Congress and the Italian parliament deserve credit; last week both […]

  • Meeting at the Vatican on Social Media

    Through the good offices of the Australian Embassy to the Vatican, and the recommendation of Ambassador Tim Fischer, I met with Mons. Paul Tighe at the Vatican. Counsellor Michael Sullivan from Australia’s Embassy to the Vatican arranged and participated in what was a very productive and enlightening meeting. Mons. Tighe is the Secretary to the […]

  • Knowledge & Truth in Web 2.0: Virtual reality by consensus, Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs

    This talk was delivered as part of the Post-Holocaust & Antisemitism Seminar series at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs. The talk examined: Knowledge on the web Democratization in Web 2.0 Personal Identity (a special case) Antisemitism and racism Social Pressure & Group Think A Virtual Reality A counter current (a study of the online […]

  • Combating Antisemitism 2.0, Global Forum for Combating Antisemitism

    The Global Forum to Combat Antisemitism is the leading international gathering on the topic. The hundreds of invited guests including diplomats, officials from various national governments, academic researchers, experts from NGO and law enforcement. The presentation took place before a Plenary session of the conference that involved a panel chaired by Mark Weitzman (Director, Task […]

  • The Internet and Public Diplomacy, Bar-Ilan University

    With the advent of Web 2.0 technology (including blogs and social networking), the Internet is increasingly becoming a political medium for expressing views and influencing public opinion, both domestically and internationally. The lecture examines the emerging phenomenon, current practice and likely future directions. Recent changes include: Last month the US state department made the move […]