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  • Dr Oboler discusses the use of Social Media to expose racism with SBS News

    Dr Andre Oboler, discussed the use of social media to exposes racism with SBS News. This discussion takes place in response to a racist incident on bus, which was videoed through the use of a smart phone and later released online. In the UK similar racist events on public transports have led to arrests, as […]

  • YouTube Success reported in Argentina

    Dr Oboler’s efforts to clean up YouTube made news in Argentina where the Jewish News Agency shared the story in Spanish. YouTube es “demasiado lento” en tomar acciones contra los videos de odio AJN.- El Consejo Ejecutivo del Judaísmo Australiano le pidió al sitio web que elimine el material de incitación que propaga la negación […]

  • YouTube ‘Too Slow’ Taking Action Against Hate Videos

    By Rachel Hirshfeld in Arutz Sheva The Executive Council of Australian Jewry (ECAJ) has called on YouTube to remove hateful material relating to Australian Holocaust denier Fredrick Toben that has been uploaded to the site, The Australian Jewish News (AJN) reported. ECAJ executive director Peter Wertheim told AJN that while three specific videos had been removed, “the same content remains […]

  • YouTube ‘too slow’ on hate videos

    By Peter Kohn in the Australian Jewish News THE Executive Council of Australian Jewry (ECAJ) has contacted YouTube after the online broadcaster allowed posts of material relating to Australian Holocaust denier Fredrick Toben. ECAJ executive director Peter Wertheim told The AJN that after the national roof body complained to YouTube last month, three specific videos […]

  • Assad gets the picture as satire comes to YouTube

    Source: By David E. Miller  / The Media Line,  Assad gets the picture as satire comes to YouTube, Jerusalem Post, September 6 2011 Cartoons emerge as new medium for Syrian protests, show Ahmadinejad, Khamenei instructing Syrian president in terrorism. A cartoon Bashar Assad picks up the phone and dials to his friend Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the […]

  • Jerusalem Report Features Dr Oboler’s work combating online hate

    Lawrence Rifkin, The (Sometimes) Antisocial Network, Jerusalem Report, May 9 2011 Israel and Jewish organizations are scrambling to exploit the good side of Internet 2.0, but also to minimize its potential for spreading anti-Israel and anti-Semitic sentiments. NOT LONG AGO, IF THE conversation veered toward anti-Semitism on the Internet, it would focus on what seemed […]

  • Andre Oboler’s article about YouTube banning Palestinian Media Watch at Honest Reporting’s Backspin Blog

    Andre Oboler, Palestinian Media Watch Still Gamed By YouTube, Backspin Blog (Honest Reporting), 20 December 2010 On Sunday, YouTube acted to close a channel on their service run by Palestinian Media Watch. The explanation YouTube gave related to a video from 2006, originally taken from Hamas’s website, which shows a suicide terrorist says his goodbyes […]

  • Jerusalem Post reports PMW’s channel back online, but Dr Oboler warns YouTube still being played

    Ron Friedman, YouTube reinstates Palestinian Media Watch channel, Jerusalem Post, 20 December 2010. The video sharing website originally removed the PMW video channel for violating its community guidelines. Following a report in The Jerusalem Post on Sunday, video-sharing website YouTube reinstated Palestinian Media Watch’s channel on Monday. YouTube had removed the channel, which exposes anti- […]

  • Andre Oboler’s article “YouTube gets it wrong on online hate” in the Jerusalem Post

    Andre Oboler, YouTube gets it wrong on online hate, Jerusalem Post, 19/12/2010 The closing of Palestinian Media Watch channel is one example of how the website’s policies are inconsistent and only selectively enforced. Justice Louis Brandeis of the US Supreme Court once said “Sunlight is the best disinfectant.” This is often used to justify “more […]

  • Online Holocaust Denial, Carlton University

    While in Ottawa I visited Carlton University. They were running a Holocaust Memorial day and I presented on Holocaust denial on the internet. The presentation was left running in a loop as part of the exhibition.