The Jewish Community and the Internet (Panel speaker), Limmud Oz, Sydney 2005

Panel Description: Anti-Zionism and anti-semitism is spreading. Many Jews want to try to do “something”, but what and how? The internet is the main source of information, self-education and communication for many of us. So potentially, it is an excellent opinion shaping resource. The panel members will briefly talk about and then discuss with the audience how ordinary Jews can constructively contribute to this battle of and for minds.

Chaired by: Paul Reti. Panelists: Ronnie Fraser, Andre Oboler, Josh Landis, Brian Levitan

Extract of my remarks:

I’m called my short talk “The Internet Friend or Foe” and through this talk I want to develop this concept of the Information Super Highway both as potential road to stronger communities, better education and learning, and a united Um Yisrael that is closer than ever before… and as a track parallel to those of the train leading to Auschwitz, the road into the sea and the path to that place where for an individual or family Judaism ends.

The internet is here to stay all we can do is defend ourselves and give our side of the story. Every one can have their say on the internet… but only if they want to. Each of us needs to contribute our bit, not just leave it to others. Those running organisations have a greater responsibility as they have a greater impact not just in terms of what they say, but in terms of which web pages they link to and lend their authority to. Search engines notice things like that.

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