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  • Online public diplomacy: When September comes (Part 2)

    Published as: Andre Oboler, Online public diplomacy: When September comes (Part 2), Jerusalem Post Blog, July 31 2011 This is part two of an article on online public diplomacy and the challenge and opportunity September presents for Israel advocates. In the first part I explained what public diplomacy is and where it comes from. I […]

  • The Boycott-Divestment-Sanctions Campaign

    The BDS campaign is part of the ‘soft war’ against Israel’s legitimacy. With the first BDS conference taking place in Australia in October 2010, the issue is becoming fiercer and more widespread. Jeremy Jones AM will talk about what the BDS is – its aims, tactics, and potential impact – followed by Dr Andre Oboler, […]

  • Boycotts, Divestments and Sanctions, BDS Working Group

    I ran two full day workshops on the Boycotts, Divestment and Sanctions movement ahead of the first national BDS conference in Melbourne. The working groups took place in both Melbourne and Sydney and provided an understanding of global BDS, details on speakers attending the Melbourne conference and brain storming on possible responses to BDS within […]

  • The BDS Cookbook

    The BDS Cookbook provides resources and plans of action to students wanting to combat the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement. The site is a collaboration by a group of academics and students concerned about the misrepresentations made by the BDS movement. The technical work behind the site was provided by myself and my team at […]

  • The Jewish Chronicle reports on Andre Oboler’s election as an Ambassador on behalf of students to blunt boycott moves

    Bernard Josephs, US unions condemn boycott resolutions, The Jewish Chronicle, 16 August, 2007 Leaders of millions of American trade unionists have combined to condemn moves by their British opposite numbers to boycott Israel, describing such actions as an assault on freedom. In a statement issued by the Jewish Labour Committee and signed by the heads […]

  • E-Activism, Young Jewish Diplomatic Seminar, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Israel

    A presentation to my fellow participants on the Young Jewish Diplomatic Seminar run by the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This occurred during the Second Lebanon War. I later presented to future groups of participants on the program.

  • Hate on the Internet, Limmud Oz, Sydney 2005

    In July 2005 I presented at Limmud Oz, which took place in Sydney that year. I gave a number of presentations, but the Hate on the Internet one was particularly popular. The presentation looked at a Google search for the word Zionism, then showed screen shots of a number of the website that would show […]

  • The Academic Boycotts of Israel

    One of the earliest online campaigns I undertook was in response the Academic Boycott of Israel that started in the UK in 2005. The response included the creation of what became the Academic Boycott Resource Centre at ZionismOnTheWeb.org. It also included management and promotion of two online petition, followed by printing, binding and hand delivery […]