Tag: Durban II

  • The DurbanReview.org Project, Kehilat Nitzan

    This was a mini-presentation on the DurbanReview.org project as part of a larger talk presented to Kehilat Nitzan. The talk discussed the content, audience, and impact of the Durban Review site as well as the concept in the context of online public diplomacy.

  • Durban Review

    In the lead up to the United Nations Durban Review Conference, ‘Durban II’, I put together the DurbanReview.Org website.This was part of a wider public diplomacy campaign to prevent the conference being directed off track and turning into a repeat of the horrendous conference in Durban South African in 2001. The site features background briefings […]

  • Online engagement: The DurbanReview.Org project, AUJS

    This presentation to the basic training conference of the Australian Union of Jewish Students, recruited student volunteers to help with a new public diplomacy project in anticipation of the UN Durban II Conference.

  • The Battle of Ideas & Online Israel Activism, World Union of Jewish Students

    This talk was presented to Israeli students training with WUJS. It involved two separate presentations, the first on the Leading Role of NGOs in the “Durban Strategy”, in the lead up to Durban II, and the second on Online Israel Activism and Defending Israel and the Jewish People in Web 2.0. Advice for personal engagements […]