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  • Google Street View Runs Into Controversies in Switzerland and Israel

    Source: Patrick Morgan, Google Street View Runs Into Controversies in Switzerland and Israel, Discover Magazine, February 24th, 2011 Last year, Google raised the ire of many when it confessed that its city-mapping Street View vehicles unintentionally gathered unencrypted Wi-Fi data as they rolled past people’s abodes. To fix its image and to fend off lawsuits, […]

  • Egypt’s Internet Blackout

    Source: Andre Oboler, Egypt’s Internet Blackout, The Cutting Edge, 30 January 2011 The Egyptian Government has become the first in the world to turn off its the internet. As of January 28, almost all internet servers in Egypt are offline. Homes, businesses, foreign embassies, and Egyptian government departments are without internet access. Text messaging services […]

  • O’Reilly news discuss Dr Oboler’s Facebook and Holocaust Denial Report

    Caitlyn Martin, Report: Facebook A Haven For Hate Groups, O’Reilly, September 17, 2009 Just over a year ago I reported on the work of Dr. Andre Oboler for O’Reilly News, who had written a report on how Google Earth was delivering overtly politically biased information. A combination of negative publicity and a libel suit filed […]

  • Hasbara on the Internet: Theory, Practice and Strategy

    This talk was a keynote speech for an advocacy event run by the Israeli Embassy in London. The presentation followed an address by Israeli’s Ambassador to the UK. As I was in Israel at the time, the talk and Q&A session was delivered by teleconferencing between the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Jerusalem and […]

  • Internet Advocacy, Winter Conference of the Australian Union of Jewish Students, 2005

    A presentation to AUJS winter camp on Internet advocacy and online threats. The presentation included a run down of some of the non-internet threats faced by Jewish students in the UK, and comparison with some of the issues faced on campus in Australia, particularly at the ANU.

  • Hate on the Internet, Limmud Oz, Sydney 2005

    In July 2005 I presented at Limmud Oz, which took place in Sydney that year. I gave a number of presentations, but the Hate on the Internet one was particularly popular. The presentation looked at a Google search for the word Zionism, then showed screen shots of a number of the website that would show […]