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  • Aboriginal Memes

    Aboriginal Memes

    Blow is a press release from the Online Hate Prevention Institute and a link to the report Dr Oboler wrote on Aboriginal Memes and Online Hate. The report fully documents the Aboriginal Memes incident, listing each new page that was created. It also discusses the role MemeGenerator played in the spread of this hate. A […]

  • Charge: Facebook Pages Spew Blood Libels, Attack Jews and Aborigines, Mock Anne Frank

    By Lori Lowenthal Marcus in The Jewish Press Is there anything Facebook has determined to be sufficiently offensive that it will be removed? There is no scientific equation to determine what is hatred, but a Facebook picture of a smiling Anne Frank surrounded by the caption, “What’s that burning?  Oh it’s my family” is an easy […]

  • Facebook sanctions antisemitic content

    The social media platform Facebook is in now eight and a half years old. For over half that time I have been researching and writing about Facebook’s potential to spread antisemitism and other forms of hate. I warned of the potential danger in my first Jerusalem Post op-ed back in 2008. Sincethen various incidents have arisen, and when Facebook went public I dared to hope this […]