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Publications include a mix of peer reviewed journal and conference articles, reports, articles published in the press, and media articles where I have been interviewed.

Online Hate, Antisemitism and Web 2.0

Key terms: Internet, Public Diplomacy, Information Systems, IT and Society

There is also a separate list of presentations related to online public diplomacy and monitoring and combatting online hate. These presentations are not available for download.

Things I've written

Interviews and press citations

Research citing the above items

The Jewish People, Israel, and the Middle East

Key terms: Jewish, Judaism, Israel, Palestine, Middle East, Peace Process, Israeli Politics

Things I've written

Interviews and press citations

Software Engineering and Process Improvement

Key terms: Process Improvement, Software Development Life Cycle, Knowledge Management, Design Patterns, Empirical Software Engineering, Education

Design Patterns & SDLC models

Process Improvement & Empirical Software Engineering

Knowledge Management

Conference Proceedings