Andre Oboler’s letter on Daniel Pearl in The Wall Street Journal

Andre Oboler, Good Reporting Is Truly a Pearl of Great Price, The Wall Street Journal, February 7, 2008. Page A17. (Letters)

Judea Pearl’s op-ed “The Daniel Pearl Standard” (Jan. 30) highlights the moral compromises some media outlets have made in order to operate in otherwise hostile environments. He reminds us of the recent Hamas propaganda stunts many promoted. His reference to a priest who compares the media with biblical prophets, a moral compass of society, exposing corruption, institutional injustice, terrorism and fanaticism, is apt.

Today, human-rights NGOs are also seen as a moral compass for society. They too expose corruption and injustice. They feed the media with credible sounding sources as they comment on human-rights violations, collective punishment, and a city cut off from power — and that was just recently as they too accepted and parroted Hamas propaganda. The “Daniel Pearl Standard” must be considered not just by journalists, but by all those working in a conflict zone. Human rights NGOs are chief among the new prophets. NGOs need to be guided by a universal moral standard.

Andre Oboler

Mr. Oboler is a Legacy Heritage Fellow at NGO Monitor in Jerusalem.

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