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  • Ahmadinejad and Assange: why Julian Assange should be Ecuador’s next UN Ambassador

    President Ahmadinejad is making himself at home in the United States as he attends the United Nations General Assembly’s opening session and relate events. He enjoys the protection of the United States, and his plane is parked at Andrews Air Force Base along with Obama’s Air Force One. In the past Ahmadinejad has used platforms in the […]

  • Wikileaks: Assange’s address to Australia

    Source: Andre Oboler, Wikileaks: Assange’s address to Australia, Jerusalem Post Blog, Feb 6 2011. At 5:40pm on Friday, Australian time, the BMW Edge at Melbourne’s Federation Square was full. The glass conference room, with a capacity of 700, lies in the heart of the city; geographically as well as culturally. The e-mail I received warned […]