The Battle of Ideas & Online Israel Activism, World Union of Jewish Students

World Union of Jewish Students 2008This talk was presented to Israeli students training with WUJS. It involved two separate presentations, the first on the Leading Role of NGOs in the “Durban Strategy”, in the lead up to Durban II, and the second on Online Israel Activism and Defending Israel and the Jewish People in Web 2.0.

Advice for personal engagements included:

  • Join Facebook campaigns and groups to support Israel, start your own as well
  • Invite friends to useful campaigns
  • Do not run campaigns for Israelis! Run them for the wider audience.
  • Vote for good videos on YouTube and share them
  • DO NOT share bad videos, it will make them more popular and visible
  • Get involved in other sites like Wikipedia, Google Earth, Flickr and others.

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