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  • Aboriginal Memes

    Aboriginal Memes

    Blow is a press release from the Online Hate Prevention Institute and a link to the report Dr Oboler wrote on Aboriginal Memes and Online Hate. The report fully documents the Aboriginal Memes incident, listing each new page that was created. It also discusses the role MemeGenerator played in the spread of this hate. A […]

  • Joe’s Israel

    In late August 2012, a major new Israel campaign will launch across North America. The Joe’s Israel campaign, a project of AICE, was designed by Andre Oboler and is being implemented by an amazing team of experts under his direction. Organisations are currently being invited to partner in this project. More information will be made […]

  • Meet Gilad 2.0

    Meet Gilad 2.0 was a campaign I created and managed as Director of the Community Internet Engagement Project. The campaign ran for 4 months in 2011 and provided a platform for participation by 34 partner organizations from around the world. The campaign was presented in Melbourne, Sydney, Washington DC, New York, San Francisco, and Jerusalem. […]

  • The BDS Cookbook

    The BDS Cookbook provides resources and plans of action to students wanting to combat the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement. The site is a collaboration by a group of academics and students concerned about the misrepresentations made by the BDS movement. The technical work behind the site was provided by myself and my team at […]

  • Meet Gilad was launched in the lead up to Gilad Shalit’s 24th birthday. The campaign was supported by postcards given out in major cities in Australia as well as global online advertising. The site introduced people to Gilad Shalit and his plight and directed them to take action by leaving a message for Gilad. These messages […]

  • The IHH Flotilla

    I coordinated the Community Internet Engagement Project as we created the Flotilla Facts website at Flotilla Facts is a one-stop resource about the IHH Gaza Freedom Flotilla and its attempt to breach the Israeli naval blockade. The site provided background information and breaking news as the crisis unfolded on the high seas and in […]

  • Durban Review

    In the lead up to the United Nations Durban Review Conference, ‘Durban II’, I put together the DurbanReview.Org website.This was part of a wider public diplomacy campaign to prevent the conference being directed off track and turning into a repeat of the horrendous conference in Durban South African in 2001. The site features background briefings […]

  • Google Earth and the Nakba Dots

    Changing the virtual world When Google Earth became a platform for misinformation, depicting Israel as a state born out of colonial conquest, Dr Oboler responded with reports, articles and media coverage. He highlighted the danger to society when powerful new media information resources become platforms for propaganda. His work also highlighted the need to differentiate […]

  • Facebook Antisemitism 2.0: The “Israel is not a Country” Group

    The Israel is not a Country Facebook Group The “Israel is not a country” group was an antisemitic group on Facebook between 2007 and 2008.  The group was brought to the attention of experts, policy makers and the public, when Dr Oboler used it to explain the emerging threat of antisemitism 2.0. The “not a […]

  • Six Day War, 40th anniversary

    The Six Day War website provides a historical overview of the events leading up the reunification of Jerusalem and capture of territories in 1967. The site provided primary evidence and accounts of firsthand experience to enable a better understanding of how it felt as the tensions rose around the world in 1967. The  resource was […]