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  • Twitter Gives Online Hate Speech Its Biggest Platform — Why?

    By Lilly Maier in Forward.  During the last months, anti-Semitic attacks and trolling has risen to seemingly unprecedented levels on social media sites. The problem’s gotten so bad that the Anti-Defamation League createda task force combating online hate speech. (Their first report will be released this Wednesday.) Of course the biggest problem is those who are […]

  • It’s Actually Illegal To Be Racist On The Internet – Let an online abuse expert explain it for you.

    By Josh Butler in The Huffington Post. The internet might seem like a lawless frontier, but if you’re racist or abusive online, you can be criminally prosecuted. In fact, there are more restrictions on what you can say online than what you can say face-to-face, an online abuse expert told The Huffington Post Australia. Dr […]

  • Right-wing extremists placed on terrorism watch lists over fears they are plotting violent attacks in Australia

    By Martha Azzi in the Daily Mail. Counter-terrorism authorities are monitoring right-wing extremists over fears they will carry out attacks in Australia after finding hateful online comments encouraging violence. Victoria’s terrorism watch list, which include more than 300 people, includes a number of right-wing extremists, the Herald Sun reports. The far-right political groups have been compared to […]

  • Right-wing extremist terror fears: Authorities concerned groups spurred by online propaganda

    By James Dowling in the Herald Sun. AUTHORITIES are concerned right-wing extremists are plotting violence, fearing members of ultra-nationalist groups will be spurred into ­action by bigoted online propaganda. As visible far-Right political groups become a beacon for those with bigoted views, ­federal law enforcement officials warn right-wing ideologues have started behaving like ­Islamic extremists […]

  • Online abuse: ‘It’s so common it’s almost banal’

    By Rachel Olding in The Sydney Morning Herald.  Each time Mariam Veiszadeh gets a death threat, she does a cost-benefit analysis. The online abuse is so frequent that the lawyer and anti-Islamophobia advocate wouldn’t get any work done if she reported it all to police. “I think about the consequences of reporting, the time and effort […]

  • Mind wars: The extremists taking Australia to dark places

    By Paul Toohey in The Daily Telegraph (and other papers in the News Corp Australia Network).  AT THE Bush Pig Inn, a rustic Aussie-themed drinking hole in bush just out of Bendigo, the inner-circle of the United Patriots Front, the public face of Australia’s most far-Right “racialists”, are holding court. Some 40 people, mostly men decked […]

  • 2015: The year that angry won the internet

    By Mike Wendling at BBC News. A social networking CEO is subjected to racist attacks on her own website. A cartoonist’s life is trashed by trolls. Women get rape and death threats. There’s a case to be made that online, 2015 was a year of increased hate. Those of us who watch social media for […]

  • Social Media Against Jews and Israel

    This is an Italian translation of an interview conduct by Dr Manfred Gerstenfeld with Dr Andre Oboler in June 2013. Source: Manfred Gerstenfeld intervista Andre Oboler, I social media contro ebrei e Israele,  Informazione Corretta, 26 June 2013 Andre Oboler, direttore editoriale dell’ “Online Hate Prevention Istitute” in Australia, è direttore associato del “Global Forum […]

  • #OpIsrael Backfires

    To the Anti-Israel Hackers, don’t say I didn’t warn you. Last week ago I wrote about #OpIsrael the “planned new cyber attack against Israel”. My article ended by noting that “there will be plenty of Israeli geeks looking forward to the challenge – and quite capable of coming out on top”. I also tweeted my article to […]

  • Hackers will target Israel again on April 7

    The first news of an planned new cyber attack against Israel , scheduled for April 7 2013, was announced back on March the 11th, almost a full month before the scheduled attack. The attack is a face saving effort to renew a campaign from last November which was nothing less than a miserable failure. Theprevious […]