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  • #OpIsrael Backfires

    To the Anti-Israel Hackers, don’t say I didn’t warn you. Last week ago I wrote about #OpIsrael the “planned new cyber attack against Israel”. My article ended by noting that “there will be plenty of Israeli geeks looking forward to the challenge – and quite capable of coming out on top”. I also tweeted my article to […]

  • Hackers will target Israel again on April 7

    The first news of an planned new cyber attack against Israel , scheduled for April 7 2013, was announced back on March the 11th, almost a full month before the scheduled attack. The attack is a face saving effort to renew a campaign from last November which was nothing less than a miserable failure. Theprevious […]

  • Branding Facebook: Power and Impact

    When updating the Online Hate Prevention Institute’s Facebook page to announce the new report into antisemitism on Facebook,  OHPI were automatically offered the option of making the announcement a promoted post in return for paying Facebook a fee. Given the importance of the announcement, we opted to pay the fee. A short time late OHPI receivednotification from […]

  • Facebook’s blind spot to Antisemitism

    Facebook’s refusal to recognize Holocaust denial as hate speech, and ban it from the social media platform, is today well known. I have monitored this and other manifestations of antisemitism on social media platforms since first exposing the problem of “Antisemitism 2.0” five years ago. Last week, however, I released a major new reportrevealing additional blind […]

  • If you can’t Recognize Hate Speech, the sunlight can’t penetrate

    This week the Online Hate Prevention Institute (OHPI), an Australian Charity which I have the privilege of leading as its CEO, released my major new report into Hate Speech on Facebook. OHPI seeks to facilitate a change in online culture so that hate in all its forms becomes as socially unacceptable online as it is in “real […]

  • Reclaiming Israel’s left

    An article in Haaretz, currently going viral on anti-Israel websites, blogs and social media forums, highlights the urgent need to reclaim some sanity in Israel’s political left. The article refers to the first report of a new Israeli think tank known as Molad, ‘the Center for the Renewal of Israeli Democracy’, which is funded by the New […]

  • Facebook will kill democracy

    Proposed changes to Facebook’s terms of service, which are open for comment until 9 AM PST on November 28, 2012, will remove the only democratic safeguard in Facebook’s governance system. The rule being removed can itself be used to stop the change, but voter apathy makes that very unlikely. As things currently stand, Facebook’s terms of […]

  • The Hitler Shield: Mocking the Dead at Facebook

    Facebook is sliding into moral decay. I would say slowly, but the pace of detrimental change appears to be increasing. The change between 2008 and today is truly shocking; the more facebook grows, the less regard it appears to have for other or for society as a whole. In 2008 Facebook’s terms of service included a […]

  • Ahmadinejad and Assange: why Julian Assange should be Ecuador’s next UN Ambassador

    President Ahmadinejad is making himself at home in the United States as he attends the United Nations General Assembly’s opening session and relate events. He enjoys the protection of the United States, and his plane is parked at Andrews Air Force Base along with Obama’s Air Force One. In the past Ahmadinejad has used platforms in the […]

  • Facebook sanctions antisemitic content

    The social media platform Facebook is in now eight and a half years old. For over half that time I have been researching and writing about Facebook’s potential to spread antisemitism and other forms of hate. I warned of the potential danger in my first Jerusalem Post op-ed back in 2008. Sincethen various incidents have arisen, and when Facebook went public I dared to hope this […]