Category: Presentations & Talks

  • The Boycott-Divestment-Sanctions Campaign

    The BDS campaign is part of the ‘soft war’ against Israel’s legitimacy. With the first BDS conference taking place in Australia in October 2010, the issue is becoming fiercer and more widespread. Jeremy Jones AM will talk about what the BDS is – its aims, tactics, and potential impact – followed by Dr Andre Oboler, […]

  • Hillel staff training, Toronto

    I presented an extended training session to Hillel staff in Toronto. The session covered online antisemitism as well as positive initiatives to combat it. We also discussed other positive campaigns and campaign strategies.

  • Online Holocaust Denial, Carlton University

    While in Ottawa I visited Carlton University. They were running a Holocaust Memorial day and I presented on Holocaust denial on the internet. The presentation was left running in a loop as part of the exhibition.

  • 21st Century Jewish Leadership, Afterschool Hebrew classes (Year 12s)

    While in Ottawa I gave a guest presentation to a group of year 12 students in after school Hebrew classes. We spoke about the conference, internet antisemitism, and their own experiences. The underlying theme was about Jewish leadership and the role they can play now and in the future.

  • Inter-parliamentary Coalition for Combating Antisemitism, Canadian Parliament

    I was invited to attend the Inter-parliamentary Coalition for Combating Antisemitism as one of the Coalition’s international experts. I presented as part of a panel in the Experts Forum along with Christopher Wolf (ADL), Rabbi Abraham Cooper (Simon Wiesenthal Center), Marc Saltzman (technology journalist), and Cathy Wing (Media Awareness Network).

  • Wikipedia – does it work? Can it work?, IEEE

    I took part in a two person panel on Wikipedia for the IEEE (The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers). The talk was organized by the IEEE’s Society on Social Implications of Technology and the IEEE’s Computer Society. The Topic: This discussion will tease out the strengths and shortcomings of the Wikipedia phenomena – the […]

  • Video Activism, CIE Social Media Workshop

    In October I organized a social media workshop which was run (in slightly different formats) in Sydney and Melbourne. In addition to my own presentation on online distribution and seeding, the workshop in Melbourne included presentations from David Olesker, Ariel Blumenthal, and Danielle Lauren. In Sydney Ariel Blumenthal and I each gave an extended presentation. […]

  • Boycotts, Divestments and Sanctions, BDS Working Group

    I ran two full day workshops on the Boycotts, Divestment and Sanctions movement ahead of the first national BDS conference in Melbourne. The working groups took place in both Melbourne and Sydney and provided an understanding of global BDS, details on speakers attending the Melbourne conference and brain storming on possible responses to BDS within […]

  • Click Against Hate, Australian Jewish Educators Conference

    This presentation to teachers at the Australian Jewish Educators Conference introduced Click Against Hate to those unfamiliar with the program. Click Against Hate is a program I developed for the Anti-Defamation Commission as a way of education student sin year 9 through 12 on internet safety, how to respond to online hate and how to […]

  • Art, Satire and the Internet: Contemporary Responses to Current Events, ROI 5

    In addition to the amazing experience of attending ROI 5, I was also asked to present as part of a panel on Art, Satire and the Internet. Other members of the panel were Eli Valley, Shai Haddad, and Chari Pere. My presentation focused on the use of the internet for public diplomacy campaigns. In particular […]