Tag: Cyber-terrorism

  • Hackers will target Israel again on April 7

    The first news of an planned new cyber attack against Israel , scheduled for April 7 2013, was announced back on March the 11th, almost a full month before the scheduled attack. The attack is a face saving effort to renew a campaign from last November which was nothing less than a miserable failure. Theprevious […]

  • They claim that cyberterrorism is “a real threat to the world”

    Source: Aseguran que el ciberterrorismo es “una amenaza real para el mundo”, Agencia Judía de Noticias, 1 September 2011 (original in Spanish is below) The Internet transformed the community and the world but has now become a real threat as different terrorist groups make use of the web. In Israel, Andre Oboler, co-president of the […]

  • Kfir Damari and Andre Oboler, The return of SIMBAR: Cyber-terrorism methodology, beSIRT, 2006

    This article is co-written by Kfir Damari and Andre Oboler.It details the methodology and tools used by the Team Evil hackers who attacked pro-Israel websites in 2006. Kfir wrote an early analysis of a defacement against a web server, during the Team Evil attack spree against pro-Israeli servers in the cyber terrorism aftermath of Israeli […]