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  • What Market Forces mean for Facebook

    Originally published as: Andre Oboler, What Market Forces mean for Facebook, Jerusalem Post Blogs, May 24 2012 A few simple truths were demonstrated this week as Facebook became a publically listed company. The first was the power of government; the second was the ability of social media companies to create hype; and the third truth was a […]

  • President Peres in the Lion’s Den

    Originally published: Andre Oboler and David Matas, President Peres in the Lion’s Den, Jerusalem Post, 6 March 2012 page 14. Also reprinted in The Cutting Edge News. On Tuesday March 6th, President Shimon Peres will visit Facebook, a company which refuses to recognize Holocaust denial as a form of incitement to hatred. While there, he […]

  • Facebook’s Race and Online Hate

    Published as: Andre Oboler, Facebook’s Race and Online Hate, Jerusalem Post, 17 August 2011 It’s been over three years since the issue of Holocaust denial on Facebook was first raised. The truly amazing thing is that after countless protests, petitions, letters and meetings with experts, Facebook continues to refuse to recognise Holocaust denial as a […]

  • Jerusalem Report Features Dr Oboler’s work combating online hate

    Lawrence Rifkin, The (Sometimes) Antisocial Network, Jerusalem Report, May 9 2011 Israel and Jewish organizations are scrambling to exploit the good side of Internet 2.0, but also to minimize its potential for spreading anti-Israel and anti-Semitic sentiments. NOT LONG AGO, IF THE conversation veered toward anti-Semitism on the Internet, it would focus on what seemed […]

  • Arab World’s Leaders Are Facebook Fans, Too

    Source: David E. Miller, Arab World’s Leaders Are Facebook Fans, Too, The Media Line, 2 March 2011 Social networking isn’t just for the opposition, but managing rulers’ pages is tricky “Dear Queen Rania, what’s happening with the revocation of my father’s citizenship? For god’s sake, we were all born in Jordan. Please hurry up and […]

  • Andre Oboler, Time to Regulate Internet Hate with a New Approach?, Internet Law Bulletin

    INTRODUCTION The rise of social media over the last seven years[i] has revolutionised communication. Applications like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and MySpace, have given the online public a means of mass communication. Behind these platforms are large corporations[ii] who profit from the communication they facilitate, yet take little responsibility over the content. A new approach is […]

  • Andre Oboler, SCAM ALERT (Facebook virus): This poor girl committed suicide, Community Internet Engagement Project

    The item below was reported in real time as the virus was spreading. This virus was stopped, but other similar efforts are still occurring on the Facebook Platform. We have a new Facebook scam / virus, it’s a page titled “This poor girl committed suicide after her father posted this on her wall” If you […]

  • An Interview with Andre Oboler in Diario Z (Argentina) (Spanish)

    Entrevista con Andre Oboler, Diario Z, 19 May 2010. Entrevista exclusiva con el Doctor Andre Oboler, co-presidente del Grupo de Trabajo sobre Antisemitismo online para el Foro Global de Lucha contra el Antisemitismo. ¿Por qué Facebook demora semanas o meses en dar de baja los grupos que fomentan el odio? Facebook puede tardar tanto una […]

  • English translation of an interview with Andre Oboler in Diario Z (Argentina)

    Originally published in Spanish as: Interview with Andre Oboler, Diario Z, 19 May 2010 Interview with Dr. Andre Oboler, co-chair of the Working Group on Anti-Semitism online for the Global Forum for Combating Anti-Semitism. Why does Facebook takes weeks or months to terminate groups promoting hate? Facebook can take any where from an hour to […]