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  • 2015: The year that angry won the internet

    By Mike Wendling at BBC News. A social networking CEO is subjected to racist attacks on her own website. A cartoonist’s life is trashed by trolls. Women get rape and death threats. There’s a case to be made that online, 2015 was a year of increased hate. Those of us who watch social media for […]

  • O’Reilly news discuss Dr Oboler’s Facebook and Holocaust Denial Report

    Caitlyn Martin, Report: Facebook A Haven For Hate Groups, O’Reilly, September 17, 2009 Just over a year ago I reported on the work of Dr. Andre Oboler for O’Reilly News, who had written a report on how Google Earth was delivering overtly politically biased information. A combination of negative publicity and a libel suit filed […]