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  • Impersonating Anonymous: Is it state sponsored terrorism?

    Originally published as: Andre Oboler, ‘Impersonating Anonymous: Is it state sponsored terrorism?’, Jerusalem Post, 12 February 2012. Republished by Honest Reporting and The Cutting Edge News. Since its earliest days the “Internet gathering” known as Anonymous has declared “we are legion”. After attacks on PayPal, Amazon, Sony, various banks and US Government websites, as in Roman times, the power of the legion is […]

  • Gilad Shalit is coming home – and the news is going viral

    Andre Oboler, Gilad Shalit is coming home – and the news is going viral, Jerusalem Post Blogs, October 11 2011 Wow. That’s was my first reaction to the SMS my brother sent me. The message was short and to the point, “Hope you’re awake and seeing the Gilad Shalit News!” The news was going viral in social media. It took me […]

  • Cyber Attacks: you might be at risk

    Originally published as: Andre Oboler, Cyber Attacks: you might be at risk, Jerusalem Post Blogs, September 14 2011 The Palestinian push for statehood is being promoted in every way possible, by legitimate, questionable and outright illegal means. The illegal means will likely include cyber attacks on the websites and servers of the Israeli Government, Israeli companies, and […]

  • Assad gets the picture as satire comes to YouTube

    Source: By David E. Miller  / The Media Line,  Assad gets the picture as satire comes to YouTube, Jerusalem Post, September 6 2011 Cartoons emerge as new medium for Syrian protests, show Ahmadinejad, Khamenei instructing Syrian president in terrorism. A cartoon Bashar Assad picks up the phone and dials to his friend Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the […]

  • The online campaign to recognise Palestine

    Source: Andre Oboler, The online campaign to recognise Palestine, Jerusalem Post, September 02, 2011 Pirkei Avot records Ben Zoma’s advice that a wise person is one who learns from all others. Online advocacy is a rapidly evolving field and one in which Israel advocates are regularly out maneuvered. We must learn not only from actions […]

  • Today’s Social Media Campaigns

    Originally published as: Andre Oboler, Today’s Social Media Campaigns, Jerusalem Post Blogs, 28 August 2011 Everyone wants a social media campaign; they’re just not quite sure what it is. Every marketing student, blogger and self styled activist wants to be known as a “social media expert”. This post looks at two social media campaigns of […]

  • Facebook’s Race and Online Hate

    Published as: Andre Oboler, Facebook’s Race and Online Hate, Jerusalem Post, 17 August 2011 It’s been over three years since the issue of Holocaust denial on Facebook was first raised. The truly amazing thing is that after countless protests, petitions, letters and meetings with experts, Facebook continues to refuse to recognise Holocaust denial as a […]

  • We need a revolution

    Source: Andre Oboler, We need a revolution, Jerusalem Post Blogs, 11 April 2011 I wanted to write an open letter to Noam and Aviva, but I couldn’t. How could I look them in the eye and say “they’ve given up, they’ve moved on,” “they no longer care?” How could I say “we’ve given up, we’ve […]

  • Web searching gets personal for Israeli teen

    Sharon Udasin, Web searching gets personal for Israeli teen, The Jerusalem Post, 28 March 2011 In an attempt to organize the Web experience on a whole new level, 19-year-old Daniel Gross and his $4.7 million budding company have created a personalized search toolbar to index and sort through all of the user’s online data. “More […]

  • Wikileaks: Assange’s address to Australia

    Source: Andre Oboler, Wikileaks: Assange’s address to Australia, Jerusalem Post Blog, Feb 6 2011. At 5:40pm on Friday, Australian time, the BMW Edge at Melbourne’s Federation Square was full. The glass conference room, with a capacity of 700, lies in the heart of the city; geographically as well as culturally. The e-mail I received warned […]