Tag: online advocacy

  • Meet Gilad

    MeetGilad.com was launched in the lead up to Gilad Shalit’s 24th birthday. The campaign was supported by postcards given out in major cities in Australia as well as global online advertising. The site introduced people to Gilad Shalit and his plight and directed them to take action by leaving a message for Gilad. These messages […]

  • Art, Satire and the Internet: Contemporary Responses to Current Events, ROI 5

    In addition to the amazing experience of attending ROI 5, I was also asked to present as part of a panel on Art, Satire and the Internet. Other members of the panel were Eli Valley, Shai Haddad, and Chari Pere. My presentation focused on the use of the internet for public diplomacy campaigns. In particular […]

  • The Internet and Public Diplomacy, Bar-Ilan University

    With the advent of Web 2.0 technology (including blogs and social networking), the Internet is increasingly becoming a political medium for expressing views and influencing public opinion, both domestically and internationally. The lecture examines the emerging phenomenon, current practice and likely future directions. Recent changes include: Last month the US state department made the move […]

  • Internet advocacy, Union of Jewish Students of the United Kingdom and Ireland, 2006

    A presentation of the online advocacy session as part of the Advanced Political and Educational Training seminar for the Union of Jewish Students of the United Kingdom and Ireland.