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  • The 11th International Seminar on Antisemitism

    In October, with the support of an ROI “Go Speak” micro-grant, I travelled from Melbourne, Australia to Warsaw, Poland, to present at the 11th International Seminar on Antisemitism. The seminar series has been run every second year for over two decades now. This year the seminar was a partnership between Tel Aviv University’s Kantor Center and the […]

  • Investing in the community’s future

    By Timna Jacks in The Australian Jewish News YOUNG Jewish voices from Melbourne and Sydney came together on Sunday for the country’s first Australian Gathering for Young Jewish Leaders, jointly hosted by the Australian Jewish Funders (AJF) and ROI Community, a global network of young Jewish innovators. The day-long conference, attended by community leaders, educators, […]

  • Making it Possible, Rather than Trying to Make it Happen

    I’ve attended three ROI Summits in Israel and each was so amazing, any words I use to describe it will fail to do the experience justice. The news that ROI was coming to Australia to run a gathering in partnership with AJF was electrifying. From the start I had great expectations for the Australian gathering. To understand […]

  • Mini-Grants to Create “Ripples of Change” in Jewish Life

    Source: Hillel Fendel, Mini-Grants to Create “Ripples of Change” in Jewish Life, Arutz Sheva, 23 March 2011 ROI Community of Young Jewish Innovators has announced the forming of a $100,000 Micro Grants Fund – to be allocated in small portions of not more than $1,000 each among its 550 members. The idea is to empower […]

  • Haaretz reports on Dr Oboler’s work making Google search results more friendly

    Cnaan Liphshiz, Getting Google to work for us, Haaretz, June 27, 2008 Young innovators show how they’re changing the world. A communications overload brought down the internet connection on Tuesday at Jerusalem’s Hebrew Union College. The surge came from room 104, where the summit’s 20 computer fanatics were trying to simultaneously connect their laptops to […]