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  • Hearing into Online Antisemitism at the Italian Parliament

    The following are the prepared remarks of CIE’s Director, Dr Andre Oboler, for the hearing into online antisemitism of the Italian Parliament. The hearing occurred at 8:30am on Thursday April 22nd 2010. I thank the committee and Fiamma Nirenstein, its president, for arranging this opportunity to address you and discuss the important topic of online […]

  • Antisemitismo Online: Non Cadere Nella Rete, Palazzo Valentini, Provincia Di Roma

    This presentation was part of a panel held as a public forum in Rome. Other speakers included Riccardo Pacifici (President of the Jewish Community in Rome), Fiamma Nirenstein (member of of the Italian Parliament and Deputy Chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee), Stefano Gatti (an antisemitism expert at the Centro di Documentazione Ebraica Contemporanea – […]