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  • Twitter Gives Online Hate Speech Its Biggest Platform — Why?

    By Lilly Maier in Forward.  During the last months, anti-Semitic attacks and trolling has risen to seemingly unprecedented levels on social media sites. The problem’s gotten so bad that the Anti-Defamation League createda task force combating online hate speech. (Their first report will be released this Wednesday.) Of course the biggest problem is those who are […]

  • The social media is the message

    When it comes to Facebook and Twitter few people know just how powerful these forums can be in influencing opinions and affecting change as Dr Andre Oboler, CEO of the Online Hate Prevention Institute. Here the social-media strategist and online public diplomacy expert shares his thoughts on the current and future shape of the technological world. What was […]

  • Sweden questions its Jewish problem on twitter

    Originally published as: Andre Oboler, Sweden questions its Jewish problem on twitter, Jerusalem Post Blogs, June 13 2012 As a country, Sweden has a rather unusual social media policy. The country has a twitter account, and each week it gives control of the account to a different citizen. The@Sweden project has been running for seven month and on […]

  • The Jewish Week looks at the Gaza Flotilla’s online battle on Twitter with comments from Dr Oboler

    Sharon Udasin, The Gaza Flotilla Battle – On Twitter , The Jewish Week, June 2nd 2010 Shaping public opinion on the Gaza blockade, 140 characters at a time. Just moments after the Israeli navy boarded the Turkish Mavi Marmara ship in the Mediterranean en route to Gaza, an explosive battle of another kind was playing […]

  • Pesach and Twitter, the Jewish Week gets Andre Oboler’s views on tradition and technology

    Sharon Udasin, Let My People … Tweet , The Jewish Week, March 24th 2010 Welcome to the Tweder. Can Twitter and the Passover seder coexist? Last Passover, Dan Berkal spent the first seder dining with family and friends at the James Hotel in Chicago — chanting the prayers and songs of the Haggadah, sipping the […]

  • Jennifer Hanin writes a feature on Dr Andre Oboler for her popular blog

    Jennifer Hanin, A Salute to Standouts Combating Antisemitism and Anti-Zionism, Jennifer’s Blog, 14th of January 2010 Many of us lead sheltered lives. We go to work, spend time with family, visit friends, enjoy hobbies and spend a fair amount of time online. But how many of us know that the internet is also a hotbed […]

  • A web exclusive, Dr Oboler speaks with the Jewish Week about Tweeting For Shalit

    Sharon Udasin, WEB EXCLUSIVE: Tweeting For Shalit, The Jewish Week, 25 August 2009 In the next 24 hours, pro-Israel Tweeters are expected to come out in thousands for the Tweet4Shalit campaign, showing their support for kidnapped Israeli Defense Force Cpl. Gilad Shalit, in honor of his upcoming 23rd birthday. Shalit, who was captured by Hamas […]