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  • Andre Oboler, Time to Regulate Internet Hate with a New Approach?, Internet Law Bulletin

    INTRODUCTION The rise of social media over the last seven years[i] has revolutionised communication. Applications like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and MySpace, have given the online public a means of mass communication. Behind these platforms are large corporations[ii] who profit from the communication they facilitate, yet take little responsibility over the content. A new approach is […]

  • Video Activism, CIE Social Media Workshop

    In October I organized a social media workshop which was run (in slightly different formats) in Sydney and Melbourne. In addition to my own presentation on online distribution and seeding, the workshop in Melbourne included presentations from David Olesker, Ariel Blumenthal, and Danielle Lauren. In Sydney Ariel Blumenthal and I each gave an extended presentation. […]

  • An Interview with Andre Oboler in Diario Z (Argentina) (Spanish)

    Entrevista con Andre Oboler, Diario Z, 19 May 2010. Entrevista exclusiva con el Doctor Andre Oboler, co-presidente del Grupo de Trabajo sobre Antisemitismo online para el Foro Global de Lucha contra el Antisemitismo. ¿Por qué Facebook demora semanas o meses en dar de baja los grupos que fomentan el odio? Facebook puede tardar tanto una […]

  • English translation of an interview with Andre Oboler in Diario Z (Argentina)

    Originally published in Spanish as: Interview with Andre Oboler, Diario Z, 19 May 2010 Interview with Dr. Andre Oboler, co-chair of the Working Group on Anti-Semitism online for the Global Forum for Combating Anti-Semitism. Why does Facebook takes weeks or months to terminate groups promoting hate? Facebook can take any where from an hour to […]

  • Andre Oboler’s article “New media need a new approach to anti-Semitism” in the Jerusalem Post

    Andre Oboler, New media need a new approach to anti-Semitism, Jerusalem Post, 28 April 2010, p 15 Why should something condemned by society were it published in print suddenly become legitimate simply because it appears on-line? The US Congress and the Italian parliament deserve credit; last week both held hearings into combatting on-line anti-Semitism. The […]

  • Antisemitism 2.0, Australia Union of Jewish Students (Executive Conference)

    This presentation to the executive conference of the Executive Conference of the Australia Union of Jewish Students (AUJS) highlighted the spread on antisemitism 2.0 and gave a particular focus to YouTube. It included discussion of the Sasha Baron Cohen clip “Throw the Jew Down The Web” and how this was attracting large volume of antisemitism […]

  • Online Hate and Holocaust Denial: From Facebook to YouTube, North Eastern Jewish Centre

    This talk to the North Eastern Jewish Centre in Melbourne was my first presentation exclusively focused on Holocaust denial. Opening the eyes of the audience to what was occurring online left many people in shock, including Holocaust survivors. The material I had to sort through in preparing for this talk was incredibly unsettling. More unsettling […]

  • Hasbara on the Internet: Theory, Practice and Strategy

    This talk was a keynote speech for an advocacy event run by the Israeli Embassy in London. The presentation followed an address by Israeli’s Ambassador to the UK. As I was in Israel at the time, the talk and Q&A session was delivered by teleconferencing between the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Jerusalem and […]