Bigotry Monitor’s Quote of the Week comes from Dr Andre Oboler

Charles Fenynesi, Quote of the Week: The need to limit hatred’s spread, Bigotry Monitor, 10(5), Union of Councils for Jews in the Former Soviet Union, Feb 5 2010

Surveying efforts by “iFascists” to exonerate Fascism on the Internet, Australian media and computer expert Andre Oboler defined in an op-ed published on the Internet the challenge as limiting “both the capacity for sharing hate, and the desirability for doing so. We must promote the message that society opposes antisemitism and other forms of discrimination. Companies like Apple and Facebook must play their part. They are in a position to directly limit the capacity of racists to spread their hate, but of equal importance, they are in the position to inform the public debate. Their statements are part of the debate that shapes the values and priorities of today’s society. They help define what is ‘cool.’ We need to tell the neo-Fascists they are never going to be ‘cool.’ We need socially responsible companies to take a stand. Together we need to say ‘no’ to the iFascists of today and tomorrow.”

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