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  • Wikipedia – does it work? Can it work?, IEEE

    I took part in a two person panel on Wikipedia for the IEEE (The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers). The talk was organized by the IEEE’s Society on Social Implications of Technology and the IEEE’s Computer Society. The Topic: This discussion will tease out the strengths and shortcomings of the Wikipedia phenomena – the […]

  • Limmued Oz 2010

    I presented three sessions for Limmud Oz in 2010. The sessions were: Responding to Antisemitism and Holocaust denial online, An in depth look at online hate, and Getting your message across online. The session on messaging took place in a computer lab and included both a presentation and hands on experience with various online tools. […]

  • Antisemitism 2.0, New Technology, Old dangers and Future challenges, Public lecture in Bucharest

    This was a public lecture at the Jewish Community Center in Bucharest, Romania. About half the audience was from the Jewish community, the remained were largely students from the University of Bucharest. The highlight of the talk was an activity based on the Click Against Hate program. The audience were divided into three large groups […]

  • Antisemitismo Online: Non Cadere Nella Rete, Palazzo Valentini, Provincia Di Roma

    This presentation was part of a panel held as a public forum in Rome. Other speakers included Riccardo Pacifici (President of the Jewish Community in Rome), Fiamma Nirenstein (member of of the Italian Parliament and Deputy Chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee), Stefano Gatti (an antisemitism expert at the Centro di Documentazione Ebraica Contemporanea – […]

  • The Viral Spread of Hate: Facebook Holocaust Denial and the New Wave of Online Hate, Leo Baeck Centre

    This public lecture focused on the viral nature of antisemitism 2.0. In particular it presented a synopsis of the Facebook Holocaust denial problem. Facebook and Holocaust Denial Extracts What happened… October / November 2008: Christoph Gunkel (German journalist) raises antisemitism in Facebook in FAZ feature article and specifically notes Holocaust denial. Facebook’s response dodges the […]

  • Online Hate and Holocaust Denial: From Facebook to YouTube, North Eastern Jewish Centre

    This talk to the North Eastern Jewish Centre in Melbourne was my first presentation exclusively focused on Holocaust denial. Opening the eyes of the audience to what was occurring online left many people in shock, including Holocaust survivors. The material I had to sort through in preparing for this talk was incredibly unsettling. More unsettling […]

  • Antisemitism and Online Hate: How to address the risk to Israel and the Jewish People, Kehilat Nitzan

    This public talk was organized by the Kehilat Nitzan, the Conservative Synagogue in Melbourne. The talk discussed traditional online antisemitism, from Jew Watch, Storm Front and the Adelaide Institute to Antisemitism 2.0 in social media. I also presented the growing impact of social media with an updated graph. Facebook was gaining ground a very visible […]

  • Antisemitism and Online Hate: How to address the risk to Israel and the Jewish People,

    This was a public lecture organized by the NSW Jewish Board of Deputies. It was presented twice, once on the Northshore on the 5th of November, and again in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney on the 6th of November. The talk examined Antisemitism On The Web, introduced the concept of Web 2.0, introduced Antisemitism 2.0, […]

  • Israeli Units of Democracy, State Zionist Council of NSW

    This talk was part of a panel for Yom Rabin which addressed the question, “is Israel the only democracy in the Middle East?” Israel’s system of government developed out of the political system of the yishuv. The form of proportional representation used guarantees a wide diversity of opinion is represented and that personalities can play […]

  • The Jewish Community and the Internet (Panel speaker), Limmud Oz, Sydney 2005

    Panel Description: Anti-Zionism and anti-semitism is spreading. Many Jews want to try to do “something”, but what and how? The internet is the main source of information, self-education and communication for many of us. So potentially, it is an excellent opinion shaping resource. The panel members will briefly talk about and then discuss with the […]