Limmued Oz 2010

I presented three sessions for Limmud Oz in 2010. The sessions were:

Responding to Antisemitism and Holocaust denial online, An in depth look at online hate, and Getting your message across online.

The session on messaging took place in a computer lab and included both a presentation and hands on experience with various online tools.

Responding to Antisemitism and Holocaust denial online

An in-depth look at the manifestations of hate on the internet and a discussion on how we can and should respond as individuals and as a community. This session will open with a presentation of the recommendations from the Global Forum to Combat Antisemitism (Jerusalem, 2009). The floor will then be opened to discussion.

An in depth look at online hate

This session will present some of the latest research into online antisemitism. It is based on material that will be published in late 2010 as part of a book on antisemitism and the campus. Three antisemitic websites, one Holocaust denial Facebook group and a YouTube video that serves as a lightening rod for hate, will be discussed. Not appropriate for children.

Getting your message across online

The internet lets anyone become a publisher, a broadcaster or a wire service. This session will discuss how to develop an online presence and will give an overview of tools such as blogs, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Flickr so you know what they are, how you can use them and how they combine to give you a significant online presence. This session is ideal for activists interested in harnessing the power of the internet.

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