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  • President Peres in the Lion’s Den

    Originally published: Andre Oboler and David Matas, President Peres in the Lion’s Den, Jerusalem Post, 6 March 2012 page 14. Also reprinted in The Cutting Edge News. On Tuesday March 6th, President Shimon Peres will visit Facebook, a company which refuses to recognize Holocaust denial as a form of incitement to hatred. While there, he […]

  • Facebook’s Race and Online Hate

    Published as: Andre Oboler, Facebook’s Race and Online Hate, Jerusalem Post, 17 August 2011 It’s been over three years since the issue of Holocaust denial on Facebook was first raised. The truly amazing thing is that after countless protests, petitions, letters and meetings with experts, Facebook continues to refuse to recognise Holocaust denial as a […]

  • Online Holocaust Denial, Carlton University

    While in Ottawa I visited Carlton University. They were running a Holocaust Memorial day and I presented on Holocaust denial on the internet. The presentation was left running in a loop as part of the exhibition.

  • Limmued Oz 2010

    I presented three sessions for Limmud Oz in 2010. The sessions were: Responding to Antisemitism and Holocaust denial online, An in depth look at online hate, and Getting your message across online. The session on messaging took place in a computer lab and included both a presentation and hands on experience with various online tools. […]

  • Andre Oboler’s article “New media need a new approach to anti-Semitism” in the Jerusalem Post

    Andre Oboler, New media need a new approach to anti-Semitism, Jerusalem Post, 28 April 2010, p 15 Why should something condemned by society were it published in print suddenly become legitimate simply because it appears on-line? The US Congress and the Italian parliament deserve credit; last week both held hearings into combatting on-line anti-Semitism. The […]

  • Andre Oboler, Under attack in a virtual world, PresenTense Magazine

    The Jewish people are losing the war. When it comes to the online world, we are for the most part disorganized, under-resourced and lacking leadership. Battles may be determined by short-term objectives, but wars are won by strategy and determination. In the Jewish world today, few have realized that we are in an online virtual […]

  • The Jewish Tribune in Canada reports on Andre Oboler’s work at the Global Forum to Combat Antisemitism

    Avraham Zuroff, Antisemitism: Internet is newest medium, global forum told, The Jewish Tribune (Canada), Wednesday, 13 January 2010 Jerusalem – Antisemitism on the Internet is one of the newest forms of hatred towards Jews, according to an attorney and an expert on computer security who conducted a working group on combating online antisemitism at the […]

  • Imagine if Hitler had Facebook? Andre Oboler on Arutz 7 TV

    At the Global Forum to Combat Antisemitism Arutz Sheva TV’s Yoni Kempinski interviewed Dr Andre Oboler on Online antisemitism. Doctor Andre Oboler directed the working group entitled “Anti-Semitism Online: Cyberspace and the Media” at the Conference of the Global Forum for Combating Anti-Semitism. Dr. Oboler, Director of the Community Internet Engagement Project, explained to Arutz […]

  • The Viral Spread of Hate: Facebook Holocaust Denial and the New Wave of Online Hate, Leo Baeck Centre

    This public lecture focused on the viral nature of antisemitism 2.0. In particular it presented a synopsis of the Facebook Holocaust denial problem. Facebook and Holocaust Denial Extracts What happened… October / November 2008: Christoph Gunkel (German journalist) raises antisemitism in Facebook in FAZ feature article and specifically notes Holocaust denial. Facebook’s response dodges the […]

  • Andre Oboler, Facebook, Holocaust Denial, and Anti-Semitism 2.0, JCPA

    In May 2009, Facebook went into damage control in response to the media interest in Holocaust-denial groups it hosted. This occurred six months after Facebook was notified that such groups not only breached its Terms of Service but were illegal under national laws banning Holocaust denial in several countries. Between receiving the complaints and responding […]