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  • #OpIsrael Backfires

    To the Anti-Israel Hackers, don’t say I didn’t warn you. Last week ago I wrote about #OpIsrael the “planned new cyber attack against Israel”. My article ended by noting that “there will be plenty of Israeli geeks looking forward to the challenge – and quite capable of coming out on top”. I also tweeted my article to […]

  • Reclaiming Israel’s left

    An article in Haaretz, currently going viral on anti-Israel websites, blogs and social media forums, highlights the urgent need to reclaim some sanity in Israel’s political left. The article refers to the first report of a new Israeli think tank known as Molad, ‘the Center for the Renewal of Israeli Democracy’, which is funded by the New […]

  • Joe’s Israel

    In late August 2012, a major new Israel campaign will launch across North America. The Joe’s Israel campaign, a project of AICE, was designed by Andre Oboler and is being implemented by an amazing team of experts under his direction. Organisations are currently being invited to partner in this project. More information will be made […]

  • Impersonating Anonymous: Is it state sponsored terrorism?

    Originally published as: Andre Oboler, ‘Impersonating Anonymous: Is it state sponsored terrorism?’, Jerusalem Post, 12 February 2012. Republished by Honest Reporting and The Cutting Edge News. Since its earliest days the “Internet gathering” known as Anonymous has declared “we are legion”. After attacks on PayPal, Amazon, Sony, various banks and US Government websites, as in Roman times, the power of the legion is […]

  • Commentary Magazine: Israel Moves to Limit Google Street View Risks

    Source: Omri Ceren, Israel Moves to Limit Google Street View Risks, Commentary Magazine, 27/2/2011 My friend Dr. Andre Oboler has an exhaustive article up on the Jerusalem Post site about the potential risks and benefits of Google Street View coming to Israel. The service, as most people know, allows you to take “virtual tours” up […]

  • Google Street View Runs Into Controversies in Switzerland and Israel

    Source: Patrick Morgan, Google Street View Runs Into Controversies in Switzerland and Israel, Discover Magazine, February 24th, 2011 Last year, Google raised the ire of many when it confessed that its city-mapping Street View vehicles unintentionally gathered unencrypted Wi-Fi data as they rolled past people’s abodes. To fix its image and to fend off lawsuits, […]

  • Google Street View Entering Israel, Despite Security Concerns

    Source: Alison Diana, Google Street View Entering Israel, Despite Security Concerns, InformationWeek, February 22, 2011 Some fear that terrorists could use information in the mapping service to carry out attacks, while others believe it could enhance the nation’s tourism industry. Google has long-battled concerns that its Street View offering infringes on individual privacy, but the […]

  • In Israel Google Street View needs serious thought

    Source: Andre Oboler, In Israel Google Street View needs serious thought, Jerusalem Post Blogs, Feb 20, 2011 Google would like to launch Street View in Israel. The web based application adds an extra level of depth to Google Maps. People can zoom in and see what the street actually looks like to passersby. Google uses […]

  • Jerusalem Post gets Andre Oboler’s take on the rise of Foursquare in Israel

    Sharon Udasin,Vying for control of the Temple Mount – on Foursquare, Jerusalem Post,  December 16, 2010. For Ariela Ross, being the “mayor” of Al-Aksa Mosque and the Old City’s entire Muslim and Christian Quarters is quite natural – as these are the places where she spends much of her spare time. With 66 total “check-ins” […]

  • Art, Satire and the Internet: Contemporary Responses to Current Events, ROI 5

    In addition to the amazing experience of attending ROI 5, I was also asked to present as part of a panel on Art, Satire and the Internet. Other members of the panel were Eli Valley, Shai Haddad, and Chari Pere. My presentation focused on the use of the internet for public diplomacy campaigns. In particular […]