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  • #OpIsrael Backfires

    To the Anti-Israel Hackers, don’t say I didn’t warn you. Last week ago I wrote about #OpIsrael the “planned new cyber attack against Israel”. My article ended by noting that “there will be plenty of Israeli geeks looking forward to the challenge – and quite capable of coming out on top”. I also tweeted my article to […]

  • Hackers will target Israel again on April 7

    The first news of an planned new cyber attack against Israel , scheduled for April 7 2013, was announced back on March the 11th, almost a full month before the scheduled attack. The attack is a face saving effort to renew a campaign from last November which was nothing less than a miserable failure. Theprevious […]

  • Impersonating Anonymous: Is it state sponsored terrorism?

    Originally published as: Andre Oboler, ‘Impersonating Anonymous: Is it state sponsored terrorism?’, Jerusalem Post, 12 February 2012. Republished by Honest Reporting and The Cutting Edge News. Since its earliest days the “Internet gathering” known as Anonymous has declared “we are legion”. After attacks on PayPal, Amazon, Sony, various banks and US Government websites, as in Roman times, the power of the legion is […]

  • Cyber Attacks: you might be at risk

    Originally published as: Andre Oboler, Cyber Attacks: you might be at risk, Jerusalem Post Blogs, September 14 2011 The Palestinian push for statehood is being promoted in every way possible, by legitimate, questionable and outright illegal means. The illegal means will likely include cyber attacks on the websites and servers of the Israeli Government, Israeli companies, and […]

  • Kfir Damari and Andre Oboler, The return of SIMBAR: Cyber-terrorism methodology, beSIRT, 2006

    This article is co-written by Kfir Damari and Andre Oboler.It details the methodology and tools used by the Team Evil hackers who attacked pro-Israel websites in 2006. Kfir wrote an early analysis of a defacement against a web server, during the Team Evil attack spree against pro-Israeli servers in the cyber terrorism aftermath of Israeli […]