Knowledge & Truth in Web 2.0: Virtual reality by consensus, Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs

This talk was delivered as part of the Post-Holocaust & Antisemitism Seminar series at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs.

The talk examined:

  • Knowledge on the web
  • Democratization in Web 2.0
  • Personal Identity (a special case)
  • Antisemitism and racism
  • Social Pressure & Group Think
  • A Virtual Reality
  • A counter current (a study of the online “group” Anonymous)

Outcome Summary

  • Popular knowledge is popularity, not truth
  • Social pressure leads to conformity
  • Democratization or communization?
  • All can contribute, but is there a new elite?
  • Web 2.0 IS being used for public diplomacy in a new grass roots manner
  • Removing individuality / creating alternative identities reduces pressure (both positive and negative)

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